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Visa-free countries
for Portugal citizens

A Portuguese passport allows traveling visa-free to 187 countries. That includes destinations like the UK, the United States, Canada, Australia and Schengen countries.

Visa-free destinations for Portuguese citizens

Visa-free countries
for Portugal citizens

Popular travel destinations
for Portugal passport holders

Portuguese passport holders have visa-free access to 187 countries in Europe, Asia, Australia and North America. 

🏛️ Europe. Portugal is a part of the Schengen Area; therefore, Portuguese passport holders can enter the Schengen countries visa-free. They can stay there for up to 90 days every six months. 

Other EU countries are also available for Portuguese citizens. Among them are Cyprus, Ireland, Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania. The visa-free period of stay here is the same: 90 days within a 180 days

The UK. Portuguese citizens can stay in the UK for 6 months. Visa is not required; however, they must have a passport valid for the whole duration of their stay in the country.

🗽 The USA and Canada. Portuguese citizens need to get an eTA (electronic travel authorization) to enter the USA or Canada. The process of obtaining it is simple and takes around half an hour. 

With eTA, Portuguese citizens can stay in the USA for 90 days and in Canada — for 6 months. If they enter Canada from the US by land or sea, they don’t require an eTA.

90 days
Portuguese citizens can spend
in the USA with an eTA

🐨 Australia. Portugal citizens need to apply for eTA before entering the country. It is valid for one year and allows Portugal passport holders to visit Australia multiple times. The maximum stay is 90 days. 

🐲 Asia. Portugal passport holders travel visa-free to Singapore, South Korea and some more Asian countries. The number of days they spend in each country depends on the country itself. For example, one can live 90 days in Hong Kong and Singapore and 30 days in the Maldives.

List of visa-free countries for Portugal

Portugal citizens can travel to 187 countries in the world visa-free. Some of them can be entered without any further requirements. One must go through electronic travel authorization or obtain a visa upon arrival to visit others. Getting eTA is simple and fast: it is done remotely and takes about 30 minutes. 

The entry conditions and list of visa-free countries for Portugal passport holders are constantly changing due to the geopolitical situation in the world. Therefore we advise you to check before traveling to any country.  


CountryEntry conditionsDuration of stay
1AlbaniaVisa-free90 days
2AndorraVisa-free90 days
3AustriaVisa-free90 days
4BelarusVisa-free30 days
5BelgiumVisa-free90  days
6Bosnia and HerzegovinaVisa-free90 days
7BulgariaVisa-free3 months
8CroatiaVisa-free3 months
9CyprusVisa-free3 months
10Czech RepublicVisa-free90 days
11DenmarkVisa-free90 days
12EstoniaVisa-free90 days
13Faroe IslandsVisa-free90 days
14FinlandVisa-free90 days
15FranceVisa-free90 days
16GeorgiaVisa-free1 year
17GermanyVisa-free90 days
19GreeceVisa-free90 days
20GreenlandVisa-free90 days
21HungaryVisa-free90 days
22IcelandVisa-free90 days
23IrelandVisa-free3 months
24ItalyVisa-free90 days
25KosovoVisa-free90 days
26LatviaVisa-free90 days
27LiechtensteinVisa-free3 months
28LithuaniaVisa-free90 days
29LuxembourgVisa-free90 days
30MaltaVisa-free90 days
31MoldovaVisa-free90 days
32MonacoVisa-free90 days
33MontenegroVisa-free90 days
34NetherlandsVisa-free90 days
35North MacedoniaVisa-free3 months
36NorwayVisa-free3 months
37PolandVisa-free90 days
38RomaniaVisa-free3 months
39San MarinoVisa-free90 days
40SerbiaVisa-free90 days
41SlovakiaVisa-free90 days
42SloveniaVisa-free90 days
43SpainVisa-free90 days
44SwedenVisa-free90 days
45SwitzerlandVisa-free90 days
46TürkiyeVisa-free90 days
47UkraineVisa-free90 days
48United KingdomVisa-free6 months
49Vatican CityVisa-free90 days


CountryEntry conditionsDuration of stay
1BotswanaVisa-free90 days
2Burkina FasoVisa on arrival30 days
3BurundiVisa on arrival1 month
4Cape Verde IslandsVisa-free30 days
5Comoro IslandsVisa on arrival45 days
6EgyptVisa on arrival30 days
7EswatiniVisa-free30 days
8EthiopiaVisa on arrival3 months
9GabonVisa on arrival90 days
10Guinea-BissauVisa on arrival90 days
11LesothoVisa-free14 days
12MadagascarVisa on arrival90 days
13MalawiVisa on arrival3 months
14MauritaniaVisa on arrival30 days
15MauritiusVisa-free90 days
16MayotteVisa-free90 days
17MoroccoVisa-free90 days
18MozambiqueVisa on arrival30 days
19NamibiaVisa-free90 days
21RwandaVisa on arrival90 days
22Sao Tome and PrincipeVisa-free15 days
23SenegalVisa-free3 months
24SeychellesVisa on arrival90 days
25Sierra LeoneVisa on arrival1 months
26SomaliaVisa on arrival30 days
27South AfricaVisa-free90 days
28St. HelenaVisa on arrival182 days
29TanzaniaVisa on arrival3 months
30The GambiaVisa on arrival90 days
31TogoVisa on arrival7 days
32TunisiaVisa-free90 days
33UgandaVisa on arrival90 days
34ZambiaVisa on arrival90 days
35ZimbabweVisa on arrival3 months


CountryEntry conditionsDuration of stay
1ArgentinaVisa-free90 days
2BelizeVisa-free30 days
3BermudaVisa-free6 months
4BoliviaVisa-free90 days
5BrazilVisa-free90 days
6CanadaeTA6 months
7ChileVisa-free90 days
8ColombiaVisa-free90 days
9Costa RicaVisa-free90 days
10EcuadorVisa-free90 days
11El SalvadorVisa-free90 days
12Falkland IslandsVisa-free30 days
13French GuianaVisa-free90 days
14GuatemalaVisa-free90 days
15GuyanaVisa-free90 days
16HondurasVisa-free90 days
17MexicoVisa-free180 days
18NicaraguaVisa-free90 days
19PanamaVisa-free3 months
20ParaguayVisa-free90 days
21PeruVisa-free90 days
22United StateseTA90 days
23UruguayVisa-free90 days
24VenezuelaVisa-free90 days


CountryEntry conditionsDuration of stay
1BangladeshVisa on arrival30 days
2BruneiVisa-free90 days
3CambodiaVisa on arrival30 days
4Hong KongVisa-free90 days
5IndonesiaVisa-free30 days
6KazakhstanVisa-free30 days
7KyrgyzstanVisa-free60 days
8LaosVisa on arrival30 days
9MacaoVisa-free30 days
10MalaysiaVisa-free90 days
11MaldivesVisa on arrival30 days
12MongoliaVisa on arrival30 days
13NepalVisa on arrival90 days
14PhilippinesVisa-free30 days
15SingaporeVisa-free90 days
16South KoreaVisa-free90 days
17Sri LankaeTA30 days
18TaiwanVisa-free90 days
19TajikistanVisa on arrival45 days
20ThailandVisa-free30 days
21Timor-LesteVisa-free90 days
22UzbekistanVisa-free30 days


CountryEntry conditionsDuration of stay
1AnguillaVisa-free90 days
2Antigua and BarbudaVisa-free90 days
3ArubaVisa-free90 days
4BahamasVisa-free90 days
5BarbadosVisa-free3 months
6Bonaire, St. Eustatius and SabaVisa-free90 days
7British Virgin IslandsVisa-free1 month
8Cayman IslandsVisa-free6 months
9CuracaoVisa-free90 days
10DominicaVisa-free3 months
11Dominican RepublicVisa-free30 days
12French West IndiesVisa-free90 days
13GrenadaVisa-free90 days
14HaitiVisa-free90 days
15JamaicaVisa-free30 days
16MontserratVisa-free6 months
17Puerto RicoeTA90 days
18St. Kitts and NevisVisa-free90 days
19St. LuciaVisa-free90 days
20St. MaartenVisa-free90 days
21St. Vincent and the GrenadinesVisa-free90 days
22Trinidad and TobagoVisa-free90 days
23Turks and Caicos IslandsVisa-free90 days
24US Virgin IslandseTA90 days

Middle East

CountryEntry conditionsDuration of stay
1ArmeniaVisa-free180 days
2BahrainVisa on arrival2 weeks
3IranVisa on arrival30 days
4IraqVisa-free30 days
5IsraelVisa-free90 days
6JordanVisa on arrival6 months
7KuwaitVisa on arrival90 days
8LebanonVisa on arrival1 month
9OmanVisa-free14 days
10Palestinian TerritoryVisa-free
11QatarVisa-free60 days
12Saudi ArabiaVisa on arrival3 months
13United Arab EmiratesVisa-free90 days


CountryEntry conditionsDuration of stay
1American SamoaeTA90 days
2AustraliaeTA3 months
3Cook IslandsVisa-free31 days
4FijiVisa-free120 days
5French PolynesiaVisa-free3 months
6GuameTA90 days
7KiribatiVisa-free90 days
8Marshall IslandsVisa-free90 days
9MicronesiaVisa-free90 days
10New CaledoniaVisa-free3 months
11New ZealandeTA3 months
12NiueVisa-free30 days
13Northern Mariana Islands Visa-free90 days
14Palau IslandsVisa-free90 days
15Papua New GuineaVisa on arrival60 days
16SamoaVisa-free90 days
17Solomon IslandsVisa-free90 days
18TongaVisa-free90 days
19TuvaluVisa-free90 days
20VanuatuVisa-free90 days

Benefits of Portugal passport

The Portuguese passport offers many advantages besides visa-free travel to 187 countries. 

Entry Portugal any time. Portuguese citizens can visit the country under any circumstances, even if the borders are closed. 

Free medical services. Portugal has a quality healthcare system, and its citizens can benefit from it for free. They also obtain a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) that allows them to get treatment in any EU country, including Iceland, Switzerland and Norway. Conditions for it are the same as in Portugal. 

Free education. Kindergartens and schools are free in Portugal, and the university fees are very low for citizens of the country. 

Studying in Portugal is prestigious. Among the best universities of the country are University of Porto, University of Lisbon, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Universidade de Coimbra. They belong to the list of Top 500 universities in the world. Portugal citizens can also learn in other EU countries without a need to pay tuition fees for foreigners. 

High quality of life. Like any EU country, Portugal offers comfortable living conditions. It has a developed economy, social security, and a good environment. You can enjoy a warm climate and healthy food all year long. 

In 2022 Portugal was ranked 6th on the Global Peace Index. And in 2020, the country was also called the best travel destination in Europe and won 26 World Travel Awards.

Opportunity to pass on citizenship by descent. Status remains with a person throughout life. Their children obtain Portuguese citizenship by birth.

Visa-free destinations for Portugal citizens

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal. Because it is one of the oldest cities in the world, it has a rich history and beautiful ancient architecture

Visa-free countries for Portugal passport holders

Portugal is a country in Southern Europe. The warmest month is July, with an average temperature of 28°C.

List of visa-free countries for portugal

Portugal has a developed economy. The most developed sectors are agriculture, especially wine production, textile and sewing, mechanical engineering, metallurgy

How to obtain a Portuguese passport

Portuguese citizenship can be obtained by birth, descent, marriage and naturalization.

By birth. If a child is born in the country and at least one of the parents is a citizen of Portugal or holds a residence permit, the child becomes a citizen automatically. That also applies to children born to Portuguese citizens abroad. 

By descent. People whose parents or grandparents are citizens of Portugal can apply for Portuguese citizenship at any time. 

By marriage. It is possible to obtain citizenship if a person has been married to a Portuguese passport holder for at least 3 years. Portugal recognises unregistered unions, so people in a non-marital partnership can also apply for citizenship. 

By naturalization. Someone with a Portuguese residence permit can apply for Portugal citizenship by naturalization after 5 years. It’s required to pay a state fee of €250 and pass a Portuguese language test on A2 level. 

There is no passport by investment programme in Portugal; however, wealthy people can firstly apply for a Portugal Golden Visa and then, after 5 years of naturalization, for citizenship. 

Applying for a D7 visa is another way to get citizenship by naturalization. It is given for 4 months to a person with €760+ monthly income outside the country. It doesn’t require investment but offers the same privileges as the Portugal Golden Visa. 

D7 visa holders must apply for a Portugal residence permit, and they can apply for citizenship by naturalization after 5 years of residency in the country. 

What is Portugal's Golden Visa, and how to obtain it

The Golden Visa of Portugal is a residence permit one can obtain by investing in Portugal’s economy. An investor can return money in 5 years.

There are 8 investment options to choose from:

  • purchase of real estate built more than 30 years ago or located in designated restoration areas — €280,000+;
  • purchase of a newer residential or commercial real estate — €500,000+; 
  • purchase of investment fund units — €500,000+;
  • supporting arts and restoring cultural heritage — €250,000+;
  • investments in research activities — €500,000+;
  • capital transfer — €1,500,000+;
  • business investments — €500,000+;
  • opening a company and creating at least 10 workplaces.

The purchase of real estate is the most popular option. One can select the property remotely with the help of the Immigrant Invest experts. 

After that, an investor comes to Portugal to make the final decision and then opens a bank account, gets an individual a taxpayer number, and signs a letter of attorney for a lawyer to represent them in Portugal. 

When the deal with purchase of real estate is closed and all the documents are gathered the lawyer files an application. Afterwards, the investor and their family members return to Portugal to submit the biometrics.

The procedure of considering the application takes up to 10 months. If approved, the investor pays the residence permit card fees and gets them in person.

The residence permit is renewed every two years. The procedure of the renewal is the same.

Differences between Golden Visa and citizenship 

Portuguese citizenshipPortugal Golden Visa
Access to 187 countries visa-freeAccess to 28 countries
Period of acquisition:
3+ years
Period of acquisition:
8—10 months
Can’t be obtained by investmentCan be obtained by investment
Requires passing language testDoesn’t require passing any language or cultural tests
To obtain it you need to live in PortugalYou don’t need to live in Portugal to get it

Visa-free countries for Golden Visa holders

Portugal Golden Visa holders can enter visa-free only the Schengen countries and Cyprus, Croatia, Romania, Ireland and Bulgaria. In total it gives visa-free access to 28 states. 

Entry conditions for all those countries are the same.  

Frequently asked questions

How many countries can I visit with a Portugal’s passport without a visa?

The Portuguese passport is ranking high; therefore it gives its holders an opportunity to visit 187 countries visa-free, including the US, Canada and Hong Kong.

Do Portuguese citizens need a visa for the UK?

No. Portugal passport holders can enter the country visa-free and stay there for up to 6 months.

Can a Portugal citizen work in the USA?
How to become a Portuguese citizen?

A Portuguese passport can’t be obtained by investment. However, there are several ways to become a Portugal citizen:

  • by birth;
  • by descent;
  • by marriage;
  • by naturalization.

The most common way is naturalization. Wealthy people choose to get a Golden Visa by investing in the country’s economy and apply for citizenship 5 years after.

How long does it take to get a Portugal passport?

The process of obtaining a Portuguese passport depends on the reason for obtaining citizenship. For example, if you decide to get a passport by naturalization, you can apply for it 5 years after receiving a Golden Visa for the first time.

Where can I work with a Portuguese passport?

With a Portuguese passport, you have a right to work in Portugal and any other EU country. It doesn’t require obtaining a working visa.

Can you move to Germany to work if you are a Portuguese citizen?

Citizens of Portugal can move to Germany and work there.

Visa-free countries
for Portugal citizens